Renting during occupancy

Have you taken occupancy of your brand new condo but are looking to have it rented out? We specialize in finding AAA tenants for your assignment condo and or newly constructed condo and take the hassle out of paperwork and showings.

If you have bought your pre-construction condo with the intent of renting it out and/or having someone manage the property for you, you can be assured of success with a top Real Estate Team working for you. We have successfully rented out 99% of our rental listings and we work in your best interests to make sure you get a trustworthy tenant and the best price for your unit.

Renting out your brand new condo without checking prospective tenants thoroughly, obtaining insurance, and using proper lease forms can cause a lot of future problems...most of them financial. Did you know that even if your tenant fails to pay rent for a couple of months or causes problems with the condo corporation, you will still be expected to pay your monthly fees and a lien can be registered against your unit if not paid?

Renting out your Brand New Toronto condo is your investment! Minimize the risk of problems by contacting us to help rent it out today!

renting out your condo